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  • 1/30/2023
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About 1v1.LOL

1v1.LOL is the best competitive game. It’s a TPP (Third-Person POV) shooter game where you are allowed to build tactically around your map. The game allows you to build walls, towers, ramps, platforms, and many other obstacles for your enemies. The game provides you with many advantages to aid your defense from enemies. Battle royale is the key game mode, where the winner will be the last playing standing.

There are 3 main game modes in 1v1.LOL and these include BR Duos where the team of two players will be competing with 2 opponent’s players on a wide map. The Aim Trainer mod allows you to train in the game and make yourself perfect. You can improve yourself in the aim trainer mode.

Practice in this mode and improve your aim. Party mode allows you to join the game which is created for you, you can play it with your friends. 1v1.LOL is just similar to a game like Fortnite but it’s simple with less control and can be learned easily.

This thrilling masterpiece is available on Android and iOS as well. There is also a battle royale mode available in 1v1.LOL which allows you to add a maximum of 10 players at one time. Some modes in 1v1.LOL allows you to play more than 1 player.

The game was initially released on December 2019 and the developer of the game is Lior Alterman. You have to survive and as the last man standing to win this epic game. The game has more than 10 million downloads and 1 million daily active users.

1v1.LOL Features

1v1.LOL allows you to invite your friends and you can play private matches. This game provides you with a practice mode where you can work on improving your aiming at the target.

Practice as much as you can to become the pioneer of the game and get on the top of the leaderboard. The game allows you to customize your character, maps, weapons, and other powers.

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How To Play 1v1.LOL

The 1v1.LOL is a very easy game to learn. How you play 1v1.LOL is dependent on you and the game mode you choose. Here are some controls are given below with which you play the game

  • Left mouse button key helps for both shooting and building,
  • The WASD keys help to move your character,
  • The space bar key the jump button,
  • Press and hold Shift key to crouch,
  • Switch your building platforms with [Z][X][C][V][Y] keys,
  • Switch the weapons with 1,2 or F key,
  • The R key is used to rotate reload,
  • G key builds doors on platforms,
  • The E key opens doors.


1v1.LOL is a game that can be played by all types of audiences. It has a huge fan following because of its easy-to-learn controls and smooth gameplay. Best of all, the game is available online and it’s free.

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