Age Of War
Age Of War
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  • Android IOS
  • 1/30/2023
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About the Age of War

In the simplest definition, Age Of War is a classic base defense strategy game. In Age of War, you fight a continuous war to defeat your enemies and rise to the top.

As you play, you have to keep creating big armies of brave men and protect your base by destroying the enemy. In addition, you earn plenty of XP and points to help your civilization develop through the ages.

Your progress comes with a special perk of latest technologies to utilize in battle. In Age of War, each age brings new units and weapon systems, from caveman riding the dinosaurs to the revolutionary hover tanks of the future age.

To stay alive in the game, you always need to create sufficient units and the latest weapons to hold back pressure from your opponent.

In this strategic game, you have to make sure that your army is strong and has enough force to reach the enemy base. To defend your headquarters, you can set up towers and build further spots for more self-protective weapons.

Furthermore, there are five ages in the Age of War, Stone age, Castle age, Renaissance age, Modern age, and Future age.

What Makes Age of War Awesome

There’s a lot that makes Age of War an amazing game. You might even feel nostalgic the first time you start the game.

Age of War consists of five ages from past to present, which is truly a neat concept. Being one of the best strategy games, it comes with amazing graphics and awesome gameplay.

Even if you haven’t played the game before, don’t be shy. Age Of War is easy to play and easy to understand. The game has a simple idea with contrasting graphics. Anyone can easily grasp the basic concepts and controls.

Finally, you can play Age of War online as an HTML5 game. Therefore, there is no need to download the game.

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How To Play Age of War

To play Age of War, you must select options from the top toolbar to create units. Similarly, you can build and/or sell towers, or create more tower spots from the same toolbar menu.

When you gain enough XP, you are able to move to the next age. The main keys you can use in Age of War are WASD or arrow keys and you can move the gameplay with the mouse.


It’s fair to conclude that Age Of War is an incredibly exceptional game. For anyone looking for a taste of RPG, you can play Age of War online as an HTML5 game.

That is to say, you don’t need strong hardware or dedicate storage space to installing the game. There is literally no need to download the game. Just click to play one of the most popular games to date.

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