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Among Us
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  • 1/30/2023
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About Among Us

Among us is a 2018 online multiplayer game which is developed by the American Studio Innersloth in Michigan. You might have already come across this gem while watching YouTube shorts or memes on social media.

It is a popular online party game that revolves around teamwork and betrayal. It’s continued to gain popularity and now millions of players are playing the game.

In Among Us, there are crewmates who work collectively to finish the tasks before one or more than one Impostor can kill everyone on board. On the other hand, an Impostor is disguised as a crewmate and waits for the opportunity to make the kill.

Among Us revolves around teamwork and critical thinking while being fully aware of your surroundings. However, it’s quite common to kick out a teammate for fun.

Furthermore, Among Us permits cross-platform playing on PC, XBOS, and other consoles. It was first released on iOS and then on Android devices. Finally, after some time, it was also released on windows.

Diving into the game, you can expect spaced-themed settings that give a vibe of outer space. The players are like colorful cartoon astronauts with no arms (but they do have funny looking hands). Whether you become the impostor or crewmate, it’s an incredibly fun to play game.

What Makes Among Us Popular

Among Us is one of the most popular games on the web. In fact, majority of content creators stream the game because of its insanely large fanbase. There’s millions of daily playing users and you can always find someone to play with in open lobbies.

Given the nature of the game, where you have to work together and share information to determine the impostor, is what makes it so much fun. Also, if you are the killer, it’ll be fun to throw off other players by making up stories of your tasks.

Recommended Games

Among Us is one of the most popular games, but there are some other recommended games which are like Among Us including:

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How To Play Among Us

Among us allows you to play the game on the PC with the help of a mouse by default settings. Some keys are used to play the game. The following keys are given below

  • W key for upward.
  • A key for the left.
  • D key for right.
  • The tab opens the map.
  • R reports the dead body.
  • Arrow keys for movement.
  • Q kills the crewman if in the range of imposter.
  • Alt + Enter can toggle the screen size.
  • Alt + Caps keys can Toggle mute on Discord.
  • The escape key is used to close an open menu.


Among Us is the best cross-platform game on the web, which can be played on all devices. Currently, it is highly popular among mobile gamers. Nevertheless, it’s still played by thousands of PC gamers as well.

If you and your friends are looking to have some fun and really play tricks on each other, then this is your last stop!

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