Atari Breakout
Atari Breakout
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  • Android IOS
  • 1/30/2023
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About Atari Breakout – All You Need to Know

Atari Breakout is a fun and free online arcade game that offers you hours of entertainment. It is an update of the original Atari Breakout game with more exciting features. Break the blocks and collect all the power-ups floating down towards the paddle. These power-ups can make your ball smash through the blocks like they are jelly. There is a power-up that doubles the number of balls on the screen, one for shooting laser beams at the blocks, and one for increasing the length of the paddle. The effect of these power-ups wears off after some time so, you need to keep collecting more. You get three lives after which the game is over. Practice your reflexes with Atari Breakout. Don’t let the ball fall!

Atari Breakout Features

The game features three modes of difficulty: normal, hard, and advanced. The speed of the ball is slower in the normal mode and increases with the difficulty of the modes. There are multiple levels to the game, each one with a different arrangement of blocks. This is to keep to engaged and make the game more challenging as you level up. You can control the paddle movement by moving the mouse cursor. Gain power-ups as you break the blocks to either increase the number of balls, elongate your paddle, make the ball heavy, or activate the laser of the paddle.

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How to Play Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout is really easy to play. You control the paddle with the mouse and right-click on the mouse to start the game. Once the ball starts moving, you just need to keep moving the paddle to keep the ball bouncing, You need to break all the blocks in front of you using a ball and the platform. Some of the blocks have hidden power-ups in them which show when you hit them. Collect the power-ups to make your game more interesting. To keep the power-up you have, you need to avoid gaining more power-ups which you can do by simply avoiding them. The mechanics of the game are simple. Hit the blocks and prevent the balls from falling.


Atari Breakout is a fun arcade game that will keep you occupied for hours. The goal of the game is to break all the blocks till they all disappear. There is no time limit so you can sit back and play at your own pace. The key to winning is never to take your eyes off the ball and keep your paddle in sync. So, play your heart out!

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