Bloons Tower Defense
Bloons Tower Defense
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  • Android IOS
  • 1/30/2023

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About Bloons Tower Defense – All You Need to Know

Bloons Tower Defense is a single-player, fun, arcade game in which you have to shoot down balloons before they escape your range. Different colors of balloons have different speeds of travel.

You have to shoot all of them before escaping the route. You get 40 lives initially which reduces as the balloons escape. When 40 balloons escape the route, the game ends and you have to restart again.

The more balloons you pop, the more money you get. Buy tower defenses with that money that aids you in popping balloons. You have to be careful when you pick a spot for placing a defense. Some places work better with a certain defense than others. A little planning and strategy will take you far in the game.

Shoot as many balloons as you can to reach more levels. Every new level is more challenging than the previous one. So buckle up and pop the balloons!

What Makes Bloons Tower Defense Awesome

Bloons Tower Defense offers interesting features like a dart tower, tack tower, ice tower, bomb tower, and super monkey to shoot down balloons.

The dart tower gives you a monkey that you can station anywhere and it will shoot darts at the balloons. You can put a tack tower in a spot and it will shoot darts in 8 directions. Ice tower slows down the balloons in its range so that the dart and tack towers can shoot them.

The bomb tower explodes and blows up many balloons. Super monkey causes a hypersonic explosion that blows up almost all the balloons on the route.

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How to Play Bloons Tower Defense

The game starts with 650 coins in your money bank and 40 lives. When the balloons start coming in, you have to buy tower defenses by clicking on them and placing them in your desired place. Each tower defense has a different cost.

With every balloon, you pop and every level you clear, you get money. And for every balloon that makes it out of the route, you lose lives. Try to shoot all the balloons to prevent losing lives. Buy more defenses as you make more money. The difficulty of the levels increases as you advance.


Bloons Tower Defense is a fun and interesting game. The simple and easy gameplay makes it more enjoyable. The graphics of the game are bright and they make you feel like you are in a happy place with no worries other than popping some balloons. So keep shooting. Don’t let the pesky balloons escape!

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