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About Bowman

Bowman can be classified as a 2D archery shooting game with clean and smooth gameplay. It’s an archery competition, in which you and an opponents aim shots at one another.

You win the game only when you’ve hit your enemy where it hurts. Even though, it’ll take some shots to finally get your enemy, you have to make sure you aim precisely at the opponent otherwise you miss the chance.

Bowman offers two modes: either you play as a single player against AI or enter multiplayer mode. In the default mode, you can eliminate your opponent by taking two shots through the heart. You can adjust the strength level in the settings to buff or if you want to debuff the opponent players. There are also a few other settings included in bowman to make the game less difficult.

Bowman has both modes single and multiplayer modes. In the single-player mode, you’re playing against the computer. In multiplayer mode, you can do archery fighting with a friend and also take arrows at yourself. If you need to perfect your aim, go to the practice mode option and make shots at the target until you’re fully prepared. Bowman started getting fame in 2004.

What Makes Bowman Awesome

As aforementioned, Bowman is an archery game. However, what makes it awesome is the simple control-system and neat graphics.

It’s quite fun to play with friends or other people online. Bowman might have many similar games but if you look really closely, you’ll notice it has better physics than many others..

Recommended Games

Archery is an actual way of defeating your enemies at range. Even if you want to re-experience the golden age of archery with your rivals or simply do target practice, you can browse archery games here for more games. The most popular archery games are

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How To Play Bowman

To fatally hit your enemy, you must cautiously consider the trajectory of your arch and arrow. Adjust the releasing angle and apply force by mouse to the projectile to find the sweet spot.

You have limitless arrows, but make sure you get your opponent before you run out of arrows. You use the mouse to set a perfect angle, and then you right-click and drag to set tension in the arrow.

Then you let the arrow fly and hit your opponent. If you miss, your opponent will take their turn, and try to hit you. You must dodge the arrow from your opponents. Player 1 and Player 2 both use the same controls given below

  • To Aim: "MOUSE"
  • To Shoot: "LEFT-CLICK"


Bowman is one of the most fun and amazing 2D archery games. It’s physics and responsiveness make it all the more better. If you need a game to keep you occupied for a while then this is it.

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