Color By Number
Color By Number
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  • 1/30/2023
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About Color By Number

Color by Number is a free online colorful game, where you can paint many cute animals. Use the colors with the right number and fill them in the right squares.

It is fair to say that, Color By Number is a fun and relaxing game for both kids and adults too. The game was initially released on June 2018 and developed by OrangeGames. As it stands, Color By Number is available on both Desktop and Mobile. The game has smooth 2D gameplay.

Simply put, Color By Number lets you paint, color, and draw while having joy in the world of colors. This is a pixel art game that helps you relieve stress and put your mind into an interesting color world.

Therefore, playing this game can be a great way to improve your creativity and brings out the beautiful artist in you. However, Color by Number is mainly used to learn math numbers by recognizing the colors because each is corresponding with the color.

Without a doubt, Color By Name is an addictive game. You are allowed to choose super fun images and follow the numbers they bring images back to life.

Coloring has never been an easy job! It’s an Anti-stress coloring game, everyone should play it. Boys and girls of all ages kids to adults love to color.

Furthermore, the game includes simple and familiar images that are easy to color. To make the coloring in images more interesting and fun, you can easily change the preset color scheme. Explore a great variety of themed color images, coloring images, and interesting pixel art available for you to color.

Color By Number Features

Essentially, Color By Number is a free coloring game. There are many cute animal pixels available to color. The game is great for kids to learn numbers and a huge stress releaser for adults. You have a feature available to save your coloring progress. Moreover, Color by Number is available on both desktop browsers and mobile.

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How To Play Color By Number

The number of every color is shown in your toolbar at the downside of the display. Use those colors and fill in the matching squares on your image.

You can zoom in to observe the details and zoom out to see the whole image. When you’re finished, you’ll be surprised to see a work of yourself to be satisfied with. You are allowed to close the game anytime and come back later to continue the game, as your work will be saved. The controls are

  • Mouse scroll to zoom in/out.
  • Left-click to color the square.


To sum it up, Color By Number is a very popular game both for kids and adults. This is an anti-stress game everyone should play and as you play, you’ll realize it makes you feel lighter.

Most importantly, Color by Number will reinforce your child to understand numbers.

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