Dinosaur Sniping
Dinosaur Sniping
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  • Android IOS
  • 1/30/2023

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About Dinosaur Sniping

Dinosaur sniping is a first-person shooting online video game. The game was developed by a company named Tatem Games.

The Dinosaur Sniping game was initially released for iOS and later made its way on almost every platform. It is very attractive and especially played by kids and adults as well.

In the game you’ll find a variety of locations where you can hunt down the dinosaurs with unique weapons.

Furthermore, the game gives you many more animals alongside the dinosaurs to kill but you would not be able to get the points for those extra kills.

In the start, players start by hunting herbivores dinosaurs who can fly away when they spot you.

However, carnivorous dinosaurs can be incredibly aggressive and attack immediately when they see you getting close.

Finally, Tyrannosaurus rex requires a single direct shot between the eyes otherwise there is less chance of player survival.

In Dinosaur Sniping, 15 Species in total are available, each having changing level of vision. The choice of weapon is only limited to the sniper. There is only one weapon in the game which is sniper but have many upgrades.

Why Dinosaur Sniping is Loved By Players

Dinosaur Sniping is a popular game on the web for a long time. Kids and adults both like the game because it’s a great time pass when you are free.

It is an online game with great graphics and a short reload time which makes sure you don’t bore out.

Moreover, you can also play this game on a slow internet speed. Dinosaur sniping lets you kill the dinosaur with the sniper by aiming at the dangerous creatures.

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How To Play Dinosaur Sniping Game

You can start playing by opening the game online on the browser. There is no need for any heavy hardware. Simply have a decent mouse attached to the computer and make sure it’s working.

Click to open the game and start playing. Using mouse movements bring the aim on the dinosaur and then click the left button of the mouse. By clicking the left mouse button, you just fired the bullet and can easily kill the dinosaur.

Make sure to aim at the head which can easily kill the dinosaur and can get the points.


Dinosaur sniping is an incredibly fun game to play. We recommend that everyone should at least once play the game. Given the straightforward nature and style of the game it is easy to understand and easy to play for everyone.

What’s the wait? Start sniping dinosaurs now!

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