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About Fishy

Fishy is an addictive classic online game that puts you as a hungry little fish in the depth of the ocean that wants to grow up fast. Basically, Fishy lies in the category of arcade games. So here’s how it works.

You as the fish, eat smaller fishes and survive the cruel aquatic world. When you eat other fishes, you grow big along with that. But all the while, you make sure to dodge and escape big fishy tyrants which are trying to eat you.

Just keep eating the smaller fishes and grow. Make sure you avoid bigger monster fish until your survival makes you the biggest fish in the town.

Most importantly, don’t get eaten by the monster fishes otherwise, you lose the game. The bigger the fish, the more and more you’ll grow and the more rewards you will receive. Direct your way under the ocean and dodge larger sea creatures.

Even though, the game looks simple, but it isn’t. Fishy is a technical game you have to practice to grow in this game. The main challenge is to score as many as points possible to win the game. You improve more and more when you play the game regularly.

It’s a free arena game with many levels. Avoid the big fish because you get eaten by the big one otherwise, you’ll lose the game.

Finally, the fishy game was developed by Philipe Poisson in 2004 and get updated in 2012. The game has a huge pool of players from all around the world because the game has simple controls and smooth gameplay.

What Makes Fishy Awesome

Fishy is no doubt an addictive game, the game has a lot of features. There are many types of fish in the game. When you play the game, you feel like you are in an aquatic world like a fish with no limitations.

The game has 2D gameplay and smooth graphics. By eating fish, you get points and many other rewards. Fishy is full of the colorful game with a real-life feel. Simply put, Fishy is quite thrilling because you will always have to be cautious not to be eaten by other fishes which are larger than you.

Recommended Games

Fishy is quite an amazing game, a lot of beautiful fish characters can be seen in the game. Here are some similar games like fishy available online:

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How To Play Fishy

Fishy has very easy controls, you just have to use arrow keys to move the fish and eat other small fish.


Fishy is an exciting addictive game with a smooth gameplay. You can play this game to explore the aquatic world where you feed on other fishes to grow bigger and bigger. However, remember that there is always a bigger fish in the sea that can eat you.

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