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  • 1/30/2023
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About – All You Need to Know is a multiplayer survival game where you have to constantly keep evolving to keep playing. At the beginning of the game, you are a tiny fly that has to prey on other creatures and consume them to evolve and get stronger.

You can consume food items, small animals, and even other players. The stronger you are, the more food you will need. Avoid eating animals or insects which have red outlines. They will harm you. All you need to do is keep consuming and keep evolving into stronger creatures. And, don’t forget to hydrate yourself from time to time.

The cute and fun graphics of the game invoke happy feelings. is competitive and interesting to play. You always have to be on the lookout to survive. There are different stages of evolution. You start with a little fly and evolve into bigger animals, then cosmic creatures, then finally the grim reaper who is on the top of the food chain. So, climb up to the top. Be the hunter, not the prey!

What Makes Poppy Player Awesome features simple and easy gameplay. You just have to interact with the other creatures and consume them.

Every creature has its own special abilities which you use to your advantage. From a small fly, you evolve into an amazingly powerful creature with interesting powers.

The food you consume is the determinant of what creature you will evolve into. So, if you want to be a flying creature, consume food that has wings. The game simulates the environment of the wild world out there. So, don’t be someone dinner!

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How to Play has very simple gameplay. You have to use arrow keys to move left, right, fly, or duck. Start by preying on smaller creatures because the bigger ones will eat you instead.

Keep consuming creatures and drinking water to survive and evolve. As you keep evolving, you will get to evolve into demons, cosmic creatures, mythical beasts, etc.

All of these have special abilities that will aid your survival. The goal of the game is to survive for as long as you can and evolve till you are on the top of the food chain i.e. Grim reaper.

Conclusion is an exciting and addictive game. It is competitive which makes it more interesting and engaging.

There will be players from all over the world in the room you are in. All you have to do is not be their lunch and hunt them instead. Explore the world of FlyOrDie and take down your prey!

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