Getting Over It
Getting Over It
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  • 1/30/2023
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Everyone is already familiar with the famous game - Getting Over It. A unique game that resides in the Arcade category of game, where you have only one tool to climb up to the mountain and that is Hammer. Hammer is a lifeline for you in the game.

Getting Over It was released on April 2020. This version of Getting Over It was made by Griffpatch. This version is enthused by Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy.

Therefore, use physics in your mind to get the advantage and climb the mountain, climb as high as you can before losing your mind.

Getting Over It was originally inspired from the famous show Bennet Foddy and Getting Over It. The main objective of this game is exactly as the story of Bennet Foddy.

However, Getting Over It theme is a class apart and completely unique. Unlike the show, in this game you are a naked man inside a cauldron and all you have is a hammer to climb as high as you can.

Playing Getting Over It should be done slowly because rushing through it can cause you to lose all of your progress. To carefully control oneself in challenging portions of the game, always use the hammer.

Furthermore, keep your composure at all times and try again if you lose the game. The whole point of it is to show that patience can accomplish greater heights.

Getting Over It Features

The game has many features, such as a wide variety of maps. The game contains numerous themes. Your character's hammers can be customized.

Moreover, there are numerous rewards for master hikers who strive to reach the summit of the mountain. Getting Over It features very smooth gameplay and simple controls.

In addition, the system requirements for running the game on your phone or desktop are far too low.

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Getting Over It has a unique concept and offers a lot of fun but also some pain if you fall. The game has a massive fan base all over the world. If you love Getting Over It, then you will also love the games mentioned below:

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How To Play Getting Over It

There are no high-level requirements to play Getting Over It. This game can be easily played on your desktop and mobile phone.

Getting Over It has simple controls and fluid gameplay. You are equipped with a hammer in your hand and half of the body in the Pot. The goal is to use a hammer to climb the mountain as quickly as possible. The game's controls are listed below.

  • Move the mouse to make bennet move.


If you are looking for something that gives the same feeling as endless runner games, then this is it. Getting Over It is a very unique Game and has a lot of players from all around the world. The game is tricky but fun to play. This game needs patience and skills at the same time.

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