Gold Miner
Gold Miner
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  • 1/30/2023
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Gold Miner is an absolute classic Game. It’s a riddle arcade flash game. In the game that developed in the early 2000s, you play as a Gold Miner who hunt Gold Gems, and minerals to reach your daily goal.

Moreover, you control the gold miner who digs for to search valuable gold by using the crank. By selling the gold and other minerals you receive the money and rewards.

Now, using that money a player can further buy upgrades such as good effective explosives, which help you mine more proficiently.

Gold Miner has been ported to HTML5, which means you can play Gold Miner on both your desktop and your browser as well. As aforementioned, it is a web browser game that works effectively on Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome or any other efficient browser.

That’s to say, you’re a gold digger and your main job is to dig and extract a lot of gold, diamonds, gems, and minerals.

Finally, extract gold as much as you can, because that’s the whole point of the game and who doesn’t love gold?

Try to collect gold and hidden treasures under the surface of the earth. You can buy explosives; explosives can be used to destroy big rocks and you can easily extract gold.

What Makes Gold Miner Awesome

Gold Miner is truly an amazing game, which makes your boredom fade away. As you already know, the gameplay is simple and straightforward. Therefore, anyone can play the game.

You got a target to achieve by digging gold and collecting it to make money. The simple mechanics of the game make it highly attractive and fun to play. Each level also has a time limit and, within that limit, you have to achieve the given goal.

These conditions make it quite challenging as you progress and ultimately get addicted to the game.

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How To Play Gold Miner

Playing Gold Miner is easy, you just have to open the game on a web browser. Load the game, there is no need of creating an account and it’s a plug-and-play game as a guest.

Once the game begins, drop the claw by clicking down the arrow key or pressing the left/right button of the mouse, and pitch a stick of dynamite with the up arrow key (while dragging an object).


Gold Miner is an HTML5 game which means you can play it on desktop and mobile. This game is addictive and at the same time, it’s amazing. Gold Miner is popular with kids and adults too. The game has a huge following worldwide and has a huge number of players.

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