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Google Feud
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Google Feud made its first appearance on April 24, 2012. Justin Hook, a well-known American developer, created Google Feud. He is also a well-known genius who created many TV shows such as Bob's Burgers, comic books, and numerous viral websites.

Google Feud is a mind game that helps you sharpen your mind and think more critically. In this game, you must guess the remainder of the query.

To clarify, each question has ten answers, which are presented in the form of a quiz, similar to Family Feud. You have only three guesses, just like the famous quiz show, so you must be very sure when using them.

First, you select a category and begin playing; you read the questions and then do your best to answer them, such as what words are most frequently searched on Google by people all over the world.

You can only become a Google Feud master if you play this game daily. Thanks to its addictive question-answering, Google Feud quickly became one of the most popular games.

Even though, the game is simple to play and has no technical controls. It is still slightly similar to giving an exam.

This game is simple to play on Android, desktops, and iOS devices. At the moment, there is not any official app for this game.

Google Feud Features

Google Feud includes a wide range of features. Simply put, it is an excellent quiz game with a large amount of information to be learned.

The game is divided into four major categories that make it appealing: culture, people, names, and questions.

Moreover, a wide range of amusing and strange answers will leave you surprised and entertained. Google Feud is an enjoyable game to engage in with friends and family.

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How To Play Google Feud

Google Feud is a difficult quiz game that is difficult to master, but if you can understand it, it is simple to play.

There are a variety of amusing and strange answers that will surprise and entertain you. This game introduces four different categories as mentioned above.

When you give the correct answer, you are repaid with several points ranging from 1000 to 10000.

However, if you make three inaccurate guesses, you will lose the game and receive no points. Always consider your options carefully when playing Google Feud.


Google Feud is an amazing game with a lot of learning material included in the game. The game is popular all over the world and played by millions of players daily. If you are someone who loves to learn then you will certainly love playing Google Feud.

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