Love Tester 3
Love Tester 3
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  • 1/30/2023

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Love Tester 3 lets you calculate the compatibility or admiration between two people.  The results will either give you butterflies or break your heart.

If you still want to find out then put your romance to the test and find out who secretly loves you the most. This has got to be the most exciting thing on the internet! Love tester 3 requires you to write your and your crush’s names and select their gender.

Hit calculate and you will be given a percentage that will indicate how much you two are compatible. Less percentage means you guys need to work on your relationship. If the calculator shows a high percentage, it means you love birds and do not need to worry about anything. Are you two in love? Play Love Tester 3 to find out!

Love Tester 3 Features

Love Tester 3 lets you enter up to 3 names and pick their genders. So, you can now test your compatibility with 3 of your crushes. If you want to see who is the right one for you, enter their name and find out. You can share the results with your friends.

You can check your compatibility separately with one person too. You will find out how much love you guys have for each other. Love Tester 3 will give you a percentage that indicates the amount of love. Check the love percentages of your friends too.

Have fun finding out the compatibility percentages. And, do not be heartbroken if you do not get the result you wanted.

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How to Play Love Tester 3

When the game begins, you will see a hearty, romantic display with two name boxes in front of you. You need to enter your name in the first box and your crush’s name in the other box. Then select the gender of each of you and click on calculate.

After a few seconds, your screen will show you the percentage of love between you two. You can write three names too. One of yourself and two of your crush and see who is more compatible with you. The results will surprise you.


Love Tester 3 is an online analysis game that calculates the love percentage of two people simply by entering their names.

You can test your compatibility with your lover for free with Love Tester 3. Gather your friends around and check the compatibility of couples you ship together. You will be shocked by the results. So, play Love Tester 3 for free and have fun!

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