Mahjong Classic
Mahjong Classic
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  • 1/30/2023

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About Mahjong Classic – All You Need to Know

Mahjong Classic is a relaxing tile-matching puzzle game that you will love playing in your spare time. Put your memory and analytical skills to work by playing Mahjong Classic. This game features iconic Chinese-themed Mahjong tiles and music to let you experience the serene Mahjong world. There is no time limit that would rush you for winning. Sit back and play at your own pace. Match the tiles and enjoy as you remove the tiles off the board.

This amazing game has three tile groups. The dots represent the circle tiles. The bamboo represents the lines. The character tiles have Chinese characters. There are some bonus tiles with flowers, birds, and dragons on them. You have to select two identical tiles to make them disappear from the board. There are tiles that look similar but are slightly different. So, you will have to watch carefully and match tiles that look exactly the same. Keep matching till you win!

Mahjong Classic Features

Just like the original game of mah-jong, Mahjong Classic too has no time limit. You can play at your own pace without worrying about time running out. This is one of the features that make the game relaxing and addictive. You can shuffle the tiles every time you get stuck. And to help you finish, you can get as many hints as you like. There is no pressure of finishing quickly or losing. The game has clean and aesthetic visuals with a Chinese theme. The sounds and background music is also calming. The game gives you different pattern boards and you can pick the one you want to solve. Clear the board for an epic win!

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How to Play Classic Mahjong

Playing Mahjong Classic is really simple. You need to match the identical tiles to make them disappear. Once the board is empty, you win. But there is one thing that is a little tricky. Not all tiles can be selected. Some tiles are blocked because they have tiles on top of them. Therefore, you need to unlock all the blocked tiles by matching the ones that aren’t blocked. As you keep removing tiles, more tiles become unlocked and can be selected. Free the tiles and match them till the board clears.

In case you get stuck and cannot find matching tiles, there are infinite hints to help you through the game. Click on the blub icon for a hint. There is also an option of shuffling the board. Shuffling lets you shuffle tiles so you can select some tiles that were locked before. There is no ticking clock so, play for as long as you like.


Mahjong Classic is an iconic puzzle game that does not pressure you into winning. It is the perfect game to play when you just want to solve a puzzle and relax. The game has interesting features and is challenging too to keep you entertained. As long as you enjoy the game, that is all that matters.

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