Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple Time
Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple Time
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  • Android IOS
  • 1/30/2023
  • 88 Mb

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Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple Time is a relaxing single-player game and is the upgraded game mode of Mahjong Dark Dimensions. This game gives you triple the time to match the tiles than the previous mode. You get 6 whole minutes to match tiles arranged in a 3D pattern.

Tiles are shown as cubes with the pattern embossed on them. You can rotate the pattern to know which tile is located.

There are time-increasing tiles in the pattern as well. If you match those before the time runs out, you get more time added to the clock. So, what are you waiting for? Experience the world of Mahjong in 3D and earn more and more points.

Unblock the blocked tiles and keep matching till they all disappear. Unlock new levels and have hours of fun. The ticking clock means that the stakes are higher now. And, beware! You might get addicted.

What Makes Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple Time Awesome

In the previous mode ‘Mahjong Dark Dimensions’ you only get 2 minutes in the beginning which you can increase by matching the time-increasing tiles. But, in Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple Time, you get 6 minutes initially which increases by matching time tiles.

If you love mah-jong and challenges, Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple Time takes things to the next level. You get to play Mahjong in 3D for longer.

So, race against time and make new high scores. You can pause the game if you want to take a break. The timer will start when you resume and stop when you pause.

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How to Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple Time

The gameplay of Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple Time is easy and simple. Just like the original mah-jong game, you will have to match similar unlocked tiles, but this time in 3D. As you match the tiles, more will unlock. To unlock tiles, match the ones around them.

The tile should be open from at least one side. Use your mouse to click and match tiles. Right-click and drag the mouse left or right to rotate the pattern left or right. Your goal is to clear the platform in time and gain more time for the next round. So, hurry, the clock is ticking.


Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple time is an extremely fun game to play. Tile matching is satisfying. The sound and the animations enhance the game’s experience.

Match and score till the platform clear, but now in 3D with more time. 3D Mahjong makes things more interesting and challenging. If you love playing Mahjong, you will love Mahjong Dark Dimensions: Triple Time.

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