New York Shark
New York Shark
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  • Android IOS
  • 1/30/2023
  • 88 Mb

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You play as a frightening shark in the wacky game New York Shark. This exciting destruction game is part of the risky Bloody Shark series. There is no reasoning to it, simply control the shark to wreak as much havoc as you can.

Moreover, airplanes can be dragged into the ocean by your shar. In other words, your ultimate goal is to end humanity.

As far as the game controls go, they are fairly simple to use and it only takes a few minutes to get used to them.

In New York Shark, as you continue to destroy structures, planes, boats, vehicles, and humans, you will earn more points as you consume. Later on, in the store menu, you can customize your shark, only after you have enough coins can you make a purchase.

So how do you get the coins? By simply devouring and demolishing the city will produce the coins. You must eliminate everything that crosses your path since there is no room for mercy.

Control your shark to push ships, aircraft, and other flying objects into the water. You must be an excellent player to complete the difficult task of controlling a wicked shark.

Take anything that comes your way, bite it, and destroy it. If you are finding it difficult to play, then head towards the training mode, where you can learn the game.

Spend some time to learn to manage the shark well and have fun playing the destruction game. With voracious New York Shark, jump at the surface and devour the living. Felix Wiesner is the creator of this game. Good luck and enjoy yourself to the fullest while feeding the wicked shark!

New York Shark Features

When you talk about New York Shark features, there are several aspects that make it worth playing. For instance, you can alter the maps and the shark's color to suit your preference. In addition, the game's visuals are excellent.

Finally, New York Shark features simple controls and 3D graphics. The controls for this game are quite easy to master and that’s what attracts many players looking for a quick round of fun.

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How To Play New York Shark

New York Shark is a fascinating and enjoyable game and that is a fact. Both playing and learning this game is quite simple. That is to say, even a child may quickly master the game controls. Here’s how you play the game:

  • Press A or CTRL for making a shark bite some object.
  • Use arrow keys to move the shark.
  • Deep dive, then surface for a SUPERJUMP!
  • Jump on items like boats to wreck them!


When you don’t want to bother with downloading random apps just to delete them later, try browser games. This is where New York Shark comes in to offer you a seamless gameplay of complete chaos.

Whether you are looking for some place to vent or just want to have a good time, New York Shark has everything you need.

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