Robot Unicorn Attack
Robot Unicorn Attack
  • No Developer
  • Android IOS
  • 1/30/2023

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Robot Unicorn Attack is an endless running game featuring a unicorn. The theme of the game is dreamy. You will see unicorns, clouds, rainbows, etc. which will make you feel like you have truly stepped into a fairy tale. In this game, you have to make your unicorn go as far as it can and overcome the obstacles along the way. You can jump over the gaps and dash through the crystals to earn points. You will also encounter birds in bubbles. Collect them for bonus points and dash again. The wishes are lives and the gameplay is a dream. So, make use of your wishes to go as far in your dream as you can. You may run out of wishes but worry not! You can always start again. Beat your score and challenge yourself to go farther!

What Makes Poppy Player Awesome

Robot Unicorn Attack, developed by Adult Swim, has many interesting features that make you feel like you have stepped into a fantasy dreamland. The lives are called wishes and the gameplay is called a dream. You get three wishes when you are playing. When you run out of wishes, the dream ends and you have to press Z to restart your dream. The music and the graphics of the game make it seem like you are running through a utopia of rainbows and clouds. So, keep running because you will never get tired.

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Robot Unicorn Attack offers you infinite hours of fun and adventure. It takes you on a fantastical journey where your unicorn has to jump and dash to make points. The longer the journey, the higher the score. The music of the game adds to the already exciting experience. So, make your unicorn jump and run and see how far your unicorn can go! 

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