Warfare 1917
Warfare 1917
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  • Android IOS
  • 1/30/2023
  • 88 Mb

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Warfare 1917 is a free online war game and is all about war tactics and strategies. In this game, you play as a military general who is in a war with the enemy. You have a troop to command and units to deploy. So, you have to choose your soldiers strategically for unit formation, because they have different skills which are useful in different situations. Destroy your enemies with your war tactics. Keep the troops advancing!

 Your battlefield will have trenches and you will have to fight in the rain. Choose wisely which soldiers to send out to attack and which to keep safe in trenches. You can throw grenades at the enemy too. Combine troops to make your attack more powerful. With every victory, you will get to upgrade your weaponry and add more skills to your soldiers. Attack the enemy and collect XPs to buy upgrades for your troops. Keep the morale high, General! Play to win!

What Makes Warfare 1917 Awesome

Warfare 1917 comes with exciting features like custom battles. This implies that you can choose the in-game enemy you want to battle. You get to upgrade the skills of your riflemen, assault troopers, and mortar troopers with advancing levels. There are upgrades for the intensity of attacks and weapons available too. You can choose the formation of your troop. Set the battle flow by cautiously planning your approach.

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How to Play Warfare 1917

To play Warfare 1917, you only need the mouse to control what you do. You simply have to move the cursor and click, to play. You can change the visual quality and turn sounds on or off from the menu. Initially, when you battle, you do not get many options for what the soldiers can do and how to deploy the troops but as you play more and win battles, you unlock more features and also level up. When you battle, the soldiers and the weapons run out of energy and they need time to recharge. Some items will recharge faster than others. Depending on your war strategy, some of your soldiers will attack, some will defend, some will hide to stay safe, and some will toss out grenades. You can merge troops for a more impactful attack to ensure victory.


Warfare 1917 is a fun and challenging war game. It tests your abilities as a commander and takes you back to World War 1. Whether you battle Germany or England, you will have to carefully plan your moves to lead your mercenary to victory. So, buckle up and attack!

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