Yahtzee Online
Yahtzee Online
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  • 1/30/2023
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Yahtzee Online is an exciting and entertaining, multiplayer dice game. You can play Yahtzee Online with up to 4 people. So, get your friends and family together and put your dice skills to the test.

This game is about cognitive challenges and is perfect for people who love brain teasers and dice games. Through patience, concentration, strategy, and judgment, you can win this game and take the trophy for the Yahtzee Champion.

Yahtzee is played by almost 100 million people globally, proving its continued popularity. You roll 5 dice at a time and select one scoring category. You do not know what combination you will get when you roll the dice.

That is why rolling dice is all luck, but choosing the hand is pure strategy. Therefore, you can still turn the tables with a little planning. Score and win!

What makes Yahtzee Online Awesome

You can play Yahtzee Online with 4 of your friends or family. Yahtzee Online has different scoring combinations.

To know your left-hand side score: count the dice of the same number and add them together to calculate your score.

For example, if you roll three 2’s, your score is 6. The specialist scores e.g. three-of-a-kind, four-of-a-kind, full house, big straight, chance, etc. are on the right-hand side. Rolling up to three times can result in a scoring combination.

You can choose to hold up to four dice on each throw until you get the right combination. The rules of the game might be a little tricky but when you start playing, it gets easier and is much more fun.

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How to play Yahtzee

To play Yahtzee Online, roll five dice in different combinations, the game's goal is to score points. There are thirteen rounds in each game. You then select the scoring category to be utilized for each round after it has concluded.

A category can only be utilized once in the game at a time. The point values for the scoring categories vary; some have set values while others have point values that depend on the value of the dice.

Scoring 5 of the same number is called scoring a Yahtzee and it gives you 50 points. The one who scores the most is the winner, the Yahtzee king!


Yahtzee Online is a free online multiplayer dice game that tests your strategic skills and luck. You need to understand the dice combinations and how to calculate the score. The graphics and the animations add to the exciting experience. Score a Yahtzee, get bonus points, and play to win!

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